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Welcome to ltd

We offer a professional semi-bespoke and fully-bespoke software development expertise with a personal service second to none.

We can provide you completely bespoke software development including smartphone and tablet app development with complete ownership rights or if cost is an issue, our semi-bespoke development service which utilises our X Cloud Platform; an integrated suite of ready-made business software designed to be 'finished-to-fit' your processes, protocols and people. All the benefits of a fully tailored solution but with considerable cost and time savings.

We believe that problems are solved with technology and experience, not process and theory.

Real Expertise

A distinguished pedigree of bespoke Microsoft software expertise stretching back to 1996.

Devil's in the Detail

We believe that the details are all that matter and we never stop short of complete satisfaction.

Respect for your Progress

You've got so far with your current technology and we aim to build upon what you have already.

Invested in our mutual success

We intentionally work with only a select number of clients annually, focusing on our mutual success.

Semi Bespoke Software

Use out-the-box or pay only for alterations needed to make The X Cloud Platform a perfect fit for you.

Modernise and Refresh

X Cloud can 'plug-in' to any existing technology no matter how old helping you get even more value.

5 great reasons to choose The X Cloud Platform

Leverage and build upon existing investments in technology, people and processes.

The X Cloud Platform comes with built in support for legacy software like MS Access and modern cloud software like Office 365.

Over a decade of development, testing and real-world use by multiple clients

Developed to work for all businesses, right out the box.

Advanced ERP level business software for a fraction of the price

Join up all departments, people and processes within one unified cloud solution.

24x7 personalised support that scales on-demand .

Dynamically scaled around the clock support via self-serve, video, remote, email, telephone and online. 

Customisable like a Savile Row masterpiece

The X Cloud Platform expertly tailored to fit your business processes, protocols and people.

Fully insured including software escrow

Highly Recommended

100% of our clients recommend us!

"maxxpal gave us the dedicated service we were looking for without trying to sell us something we didn't need. They have adapted The Platform to suit our business needs due to understanding our business and business requirements."

Ian Brownjohn FCCA / Loughton Contracts Plc

"The maxxpal onsite attendance management has given us the ability to track our operatives from the locations which we work. We are able to retrieve real-time jobs and log issues and as a result of using this system, we have seen a significant increase in our efficiency and productivity."

Peter Shellard / CLD Services Ltd

"Our customer Savills needed a solution that registered an operative in at a location. We went to maxxpal and their mix of QR code and NFC technology was a perfect fit. Installed around the Romford Brewery Shopping Centre we intend to roll out this system across all the facilities we operate at."

Michael Rust / PSS Ltd

Do you value a personal service?

We are a U.K. based company with passion, integrity and expertise.