In any business it's the numbers that matter but often those numbers are buried in different systems that do not 'talk' to each other.

We decided to change that.

Do you know your profit margin or your bank balance?

Not what it should be or what it was last week, but what it is this very minute. Could you put your finger on it?

Can you access any of your business metrics, on any device, at any time, from anywhere?

If you can't, would you like to?

Intelligent business from your Business Intelligence.

We make it easy to cross reference your Sage with your CRM, your Excel with your Access, your assets with your inventory.

Track all the metrics that matter to your business in one consistent and easy to use layout.

In the office, on the go. Windows, Mac, tablet, phone.

Tap, pinch, zoom & click to new business insights.

We put your business information literally at your fingertips. Discover all the ways that make your business tick.

Delegate the number crunching to us so you can do what you do best: make smart decisions based on bang up-to-date facts.

Custom timely insights, anytime, anywhere.

If you capture it somewhere, we can show it anywhere.

It's not just financial figures we can extract and present. Our system can provide insight into any of the information you capture. Even providing the means to capture the information in the first place.

How many snags do you have, customers, complaints, compliments? Our platform extends far beyond just your normal business Intelligence tool. With modules available for CRM, Task Management, ISO class Document Control and multi-site, multi-user snagging backed with enterprise class encryption, virtually unlimited storage and 24 hours support should you need it.

Get in touch and let us demonstrate how the maxxpal BI Platform could empower your next phase of business.

What makes our Business Intelligence tool special?

Put simply, we offer a custom-built and fully managed experience.

You won't have to learn Excel Kung Fu or get a black belt in Sage reporting to see the information you need.

We'll do it all for you.

Because as a busy FD or MD you could better spend your time doing things only you can do.

Just tell us what you want to see, show us what you have already and let our egg heads work out the rest.

We're confident that you'll be pleased with the results.

Want to know more? Because we'd love to tell you.

Make contact.

If you prefer talking to reading, call us on 01277 523563 or email us at

We are friendly, approachable and will not try to sell you anything.

Discuss your expectations.

We get to understand exactly what type of information you wish to surface from your company data. What systems you have already and what schedule you need us to work to.

Quote. Agree Terms. Begin.

We start work developing the custom algorithms fitted to your business systems and unique data footprint. Working with you developing and refining the display of your metrics.