“I would rather have questions that can't be answered than answers that can't be questioned.”

― Richard Feynman

Frequently Asked Questions.

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In the context of this website, yes.
We have developed a smart piece of software that can query many different sources: Excel, Sage and many other applications. Of course we still need you to provide access to the data in the first place.
Your data is as safe as it ever was. Nothing we do weakens your data security in any way.
The presentation of your data is protected by strong security measures including the same mechanisms used by online banking.
It depends on lots of factors which we won’t understand until we have had the chance to sit with you and go through them all. Once you are up and running pricing is a standard monthly charge based on the number of unique dashboards you have.

In the case of Business Intelligence Dashboards* each dashboard incurs at least one unique subscription. There is no limit however as to how many users you share that subscription with.

Let’s take a typical scenario, a board of directors requiring on demand Key Performance Indicators.

After developing the Dashboard we would then create a login board@mycompany.com

This login would incur one monthly subscription charge.

You can share that login with as many users as you wish*. Whoever enters that login will see the exact same Dashboard as any other person using the same login.

Let’s say now you require a dashboard for your finance director. A view of job budgets for example. You will incur another subscription charge even if that dashboard is again for the exclusive use of the board@mycompany.com login

If you now require a third Dashboard, for another department we would create a separate login, such as finance@mycompany.com. This would incur a third subscription charge but you could grant the previous login board@mycompany.com access to this third Dashboard at no extra cost.

*A fair use policy applies and we reserve the right to throttle the Dashboard real time features if you maintain a grossly above average number of users refreshing the same dashboard at the same time.

Not out of the box so to speak but we can design the Dashboards to fit any colour scheme and layout you prefer. There is of course an additional cost incurred for custom layout and colour schemes. If you have your own in house design we can provide the files which would enable them to make the colour and layout changes to a degree without any extra cost incurred with us.
CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management. It is a system, electronic or otherwise that enables the management of customer records. At a basic level a CRM empowers you to keep customer records and any communications you have had with those customers.
We have a module that enables broad and deep Task and Work Order management. Create jobs and assign to individuals, track when jobs are opened, parked, closed. Track time spent on tasks to the second and keep detailed notes, uploads and other important information pertaining to the task.
We have a document control module that enables you to upload and version control all of your company documents to BSA ISO standards. Track who has seen the document, automatically version control. Auto notify previous viewers of updates and lots more.
We have a fully featured onsite and mobile app module that enables you to capture details of snags including taking pictures while out on site and immediately have those details displayed back at head office.
Any really but we have a particular affinity for the construction, contract flooring and contract cleaning sectors. These are three sectors we have most experience in.
There are no additional costs to you based on the amount of data we push and pull to your Dashboards. In other words, you pay just one flat fee per month, per Dashboard irrespective of how much that Dashboard is used or is updated.
How long is a piece of string. It depends is the short answer but we would expect, on average, 6 to 8 weeks from start to your first Dashboard being available to you. However, we understand you want things done as quickly as possible and so do we.
No, not without both the exact address, (the https:// part) and the username and password. We can also restrict the Dashboard to certain devices or locations if you so wish. Your Dashboard data is secure from prying eyes out of the box and security can be further enhanced as per your specifications. We can discuss any special requirements you may have.
That’s a good question. With each Dashboard we assign you 1 TB of data storage. That’s a lot, especially when you are talking about filtered data. Every time you add a new Dashboard you get a new 1TB of storage for the data that backs that Dashboard. Of course, there is a theoretical limit to how much data storage there is available in the world but we’d be surprised (and honoured) if we were to exhaust that supply building Dashboards for you.
It means we do not have a software warehouse of Dashboards of which we try to find the closest fit to what you want and then shoe horn your data and requirements in to it. Slicing off any inconvenient excess and plugging any gaps with scraps. It means we do not sign you up and then ask you to create your own Dashboard using our tools. It means we build each Dashboard from scratch just for your business and your requirements. It means that we do the building and the maintaining and the improving over time. It means that once we have agreed with you what you want we look after everything else and you can get on with doing what only you can do.
If your phone, tablet or any other device for that matter can display a standard webpage such as Twitter then yes our Dashboards will display properly on that device also. In regard to computers the same applies, if the computer can display a regular web page it will be able to display our Dashboards.
Yes but of course you will instantly lose all of the real time features such as being able to tap data for more information.
Well in the context of our Dashboards it means information that could be up to the second accurate
Yes. Cloud is to Internet as Sneaker is to Trainer.

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